August 2017... A Special Month Indeed ...

A month filled with love, connection and identity.  A month like no other ....

 243/365 Party Animal ... not much party left in this old boy ...but his heart of pure gold still dazzles me ...

243/365 Party Animal ... not much party left in this old boy ...but his heart of pure gold still dazzles me ...

And now July!

Woohoo ... on a roll ... facilitated mainly by access to internet that moves faster than a snail!

And June!

I am really jumping in wholeheartedly in ignoring that perfectionist side which says really are not up to the mark with this ... doing the best I can, when I can ...and gaining a small sense of satisfaction in just not giving up!  So here is June 2017 ....

Finally! May!

I am so far behind in posting ... and for the first time contemplated giving this away ... and actually decided that yes I would. I would just stop. And even though I decided that, here I still am.  Because deep down I don't really like to just stop; to give up. I like to complete what I set out to do. Even if that means changing the rules slightly.

So, one of the reasons I decided to stop, was that being so far behind in my sorting and uploading meant that I have somewhere along the way I have misplaced, deleted, or filed in the most obscurest of places some photos - leading to some gaps. For somewhat of a perfectionist it was these gaps and the difficulty in trying to fix them (made more frustrating with the sporadic snail pace internet connection) that led to me to reach a conclusion one night that I would stop. Admit defeat.  If I can't do it in the perfect way I envisaged in my head, I will not do it at all.  

So even though me head decided to stop, my heart just said carry on. Fill the gaps however you want.  So that's what I did.  From me to you - here is my May 2017.

 151/365 Who Me?

151/365 Who Me?

CY365 2017 April

So here I am again, very late - but still taken on the right day!  It's been a struggle but I refuse to be beaten - even if I am still three months behind in getting them upload to here!  

It still teaches me the value of perseverance and commitment - no matter if the outcome is not perfect or as I want.  The value is in the process and the continual trying. The value is in knowing that in some way this teaches me valuable lessons, and still asks me to look to the creative, even if only for the briefest of moments, every single day!

CY365 2017 March

Three months in already - 90 days down!!

90/365 Change|Transition

CY365 2017 - February

CY365 2017 - January

CY365 2017

So another year has started and thanks to a prompt from a dear friend about why don't I take a photo a day again, and me deciding, why not indeed, another CY365 is underway!  I have stuck with Katrina's CY365 - here is what I wrote on her Facebook Page:

I did CY365 in 2015, primarily as a tool to help me stay present during a difficult time in my life. It awakened a creativity in me that has transformed a range of areas in my life. In 2016 I had a break, choosing instead to create one new photo a week - whether that be a totally new shot, reedited shot or piece of digital art. This year a friend suggested I go back to shooting a photo a day ... and I thought yep I want to do that again! There are many 365 projects out there but I love this CY365 group that nurtured my creativity into being in 2015. So happy to be back!

So ... true to form I am behind in posting my images ... mainly due to it taking a while to get internet sorted in my new house (which by the way I am loving!) ... but they all have been taken every single day- mostly on prompt ...some a bit off ...  So even though we are mid-March (!) lets get start with January 2017.

Weeks 46-49 (but where did 50,51,52 go??)

And so I have reached the last of my posts for 2016 ... true to form posted a little late but I got here all the same! 

One small problem ...I don't know what has happened to weeks 50,51, 52!! I suspect is has something to do with my outrageous (not in a fabulously outrageous way either) mathematical skills!  I don't really know the exact reason because I stopped adding the specific weekly dates when I started getting behind.   Having said that, I do know that I did meet my goal of taking or creating a new photo for each week of 2016!  That three weeks appeared to have vanished will forever remain the great mystery of 2016!

I hope you have enjoyed my 2016 in pictures!

Weeks 42 - 45

A gorgeous break with those close to my heart in this bunch of photos!

Weeks 40-41

Such a sad couple of weeks ...but still beauty and love to be celebrated in all the small places ...

Week 40 Always a miracle to be seen

Week 41 - In memory of Jesse Summers - Jesse taught us about the greatness to be found in humility.  She taught us about the impact to be found in quiet gentleness, and that one of the greatest gifts we can possess is that of kindness.  Above all else, Jesse was gentle, and she was kind.  She taught us that each moment is precious and a gift, and that whatever our troubles are, they are small in comparison to someone else’s.

Our time with Jesse may have been short, but it was full to the brim with great gifts.  and now as we feel her loss deeply, we also wrap ourselves in how blessed we were to have had Jesse in our lives.  We still call her our Jesse.   Moe mai ra Jesse.

Weeks 28 - 36

A snapshot of my last few weeks ... late to post ...but still all shots taken in their respective weeks ... still believing that just doing what I can is enough ....

Week 27: Independence Day

It's been a week of Independence celebrations. At our work prayer breakfast on Friday we listened to stories of independence and the struggle for freedom. The meaning of the name - Vanua - land and Atu - rising up - the land rising up - one of several interpretations. The process of reconciliation required after independence to repair some of the divisions. The cutting of the celebratory cake and 36 claps to represent the 36th year of independence. A country, which is, as I am often reminded, in my many moments of impatience, so young in its hard won freedom.

30 July 1980 - Yumi strong mo yumi fri long hem!

Week 23: Flying High

Still experimenting with some shots and editing techniques ... taken on a blue skies windy day at my favourite west coast black sand beach, a beautiful friend had this to say ...

"This makes me think of banners held aloft to herald a person's place in the world. The banner that we carry forth to say we have a job to do and we are proud to step into our life and carry it forward. There are banners all around us carried by others but we only carry the one with our name on it"

And so today, this is my banner, with my name on it, as I step into and move forward on this journey.