365 Photo Project

Taking and sharing one photo each day for a year ... yep that's 365 photos ... this was the challenge posed to me by the iPhone Photography School

Not at all a new idea, there are a few reasons those in the know offer for why you might want to do this.  Nurture your inspiration, creativity and motivation.  Discover the full potential of your camera equipment and improve technical skills, like composition, angle, lighting and editing.  Cultivate your practice of being present.  Capture and record everyday moments, seeing beauty in the most ordinary of places.  So I decided to say Yes!  And my reasons probably touch a little on all of these things.

My 365 project is a visual journal.  As with my written journals, I expect changes, patterns, and themes as I journey through my year.  I notice already that in January my attention is dedicated to reaching a point where taking a photo each day is routine.  January is really about intention and creating my practice.  When I look back, I think I will see a rather odd assortment of photos, perhaps with no clear unifying thread. But because I am a girl who likes central threads that pull everything together and likes to explore pattern and meaning in the details, I think this will maybe change over subsequent months. 

But you know what?  Despite this prediction, the really exciting thing is that it is absolutely impossible to predict anything about what my images for the year will be.  Yes - I have goals and things I want to accomplish and manifest for 2015.  Yes - I might think about what I hope to accomplish with my 365 project and what I might like to take photos of.  But each day will present its story in its own way.  And in choosing to capture some part of that story, each day I will be reminded in a very tangible way of the essentiality of presence and gratitude.  

My iphone 4s is the only device which I almost always have with me.  When I did own a relatively sophisticated DSLR, I it was never with me when I wanted to take a photo.  My iphone is always there, and is the ideal tool for my 365 project.  All the photos taken are captured by my iphone.

A lot of sites are devoted to 365 photo projects, but the one I settled on was capture your 365. Run by Katrina Kennedy, who has taken a picture every day since 2008 (amazing!), capture your 365 provides not only a space to easily share photos, but also gives you photo idea lists, podcasts, daily inspiration, and a lovely warm community.  Its easy, uncomplicated, and gives you access to range of useful resources all in one place.

And just in case you are thinking, this is something I would like to do - your 365 photo project can start anytime!  Mine just happened to begin on January 1st.  You can start right now!

OK - enough words!  Come journey through 2015 with me ...