December 2015

When I think back to deciding to jump right in a do this I had no idea of the journey it would take me on.  I had no idea of the hugely supportive and inspiring community I would find in CY365 and how important their encouragement would become for me.  I had no idea of the creative solace and strength I would find in taking my photo each day. I had no idea of how with each photo I took I would move just that little bit closer to myself.  I had no idea of how, as I moved countries and leaned into a new life, I would struggle in these last couple of months as I no longer had the time to immerse myself within the CY365 community, but how I could survive anyway and learn to appreciate the now and what is enough in each day.  So as 2015 draws to a close,  and I get closer to completing my year in photos, I am immensely grateful for all these things I had no idea of before taking my very first photo of that red rose on January 1 2015.   And I am immensely grateful to all those who, have in many different ways, walked alongside me on my journey.  My heart thanks you.