March 2015

Can you believe it's March already!

One of my photo prompts in February was to photograph 'looking forward'. To help with this Katrina pointed us to one of her posts on The Daily Digi which was about doing more of what you do best, to get more of what you love! She asks you to quickly look at your photos, stopping when one catches your eye and, without over-thinking, note down what you love about it.  Keep doing this. Then look at your list and highlight words that resonate most.  Look at your highlighted words - what theme do you see?  Story? Contrast? Composition? Light? Time? 

These words hold a greater message for you. These words tell you what matters most to you. These are the important pieces of your photography. Here is where you create meaning for yourself. Here is where you grow. In your own photos, not mine, not that random blog of a photographer you admire. Look at yours. Through doing more of what we do best, we get more of what we love.
— Katrina Kennedy

So reflecting back is something I am going to do over the next month.  Already I intuitively know that I have changed in my approach over the past month.  As I thought, January was about establishing a photographic practice with my iphone - a routine part of my day.  For the first half of January I didn't pay any attention to the prompts - I just wanted to get a photo taken and uploaded. Then come mid-January, I sort of eased into seeing what might happen if I followed the daily word prompts.  And I discovered it gave me a sense of focus and sharpened my sense of creative adventure - so much so that on Day 33 I was awarded photo of the day for my 'Blur' photo! 

I still went off prompt every now and again, but I was so much more committed to seeing what unique take I could bring to each day's challenge, and how I could contribute to our CY365 community.  I let the prompt sit with me for a little while until an idea comes to me. This might involve hunting around for props, or taking a walk outside to see what the light is doing, or heading off down to the beach.  It might mean playing with lamps and card inside as I try to create backdrops and lighting (all DIY jobs!) to make something ordinary, look a little bit special.  It might mean taking a photo from multiple angles or using different macro lens to see just what effects I can create.  It might mean crawling around in wet dewy morning grass to see if I can get the sunlight to reflect just perfectly. 

And in February, the narratives accompanying my photos have sort of suddenly become much more important to me. I'm really not too sure why, but maybe its because the story is starting to capture me.  And as I write this, I become aware that it's also because I have become more comfortable in sharing parts of myself with the kind and generous online CY365 community.  I shared my photo and narrative for Day 54 over on my blog page in February.

There are lots of things I have learned so far, but one which is prominent for me today is acceptance and gratitude for what is. Some days my photos do not turn out as I had hoped, or I learn something totally different to what I planned, or I just shoot something ..anything ... so I have a photo for that day, or the gallery photos look so much more amazing than I could ever shoot!  So yes, I am happy with my progress so far because it teaches me to each day honour my 365 commitment, and to accept that each day I may honour that in a different way, but whatever way I do, it is enough.  And in this small creative act, each day I am reminded, that I am enough.

And it is because this telling and sharing of story is saying 'I am important', that I have changed my photo layout for March.

Hope you enjoy my March in pictures! XOX