April 2015

It only seems like yesterday I was saying how did March happen upon us so quickly! And now, it's April!  So it seems the days will keep turning over, no matter how much I exclaim they are fast disappearing.  Maybe I am so aware of how quickly they are disappearing because I deliberately count each one!  With my 365 project I consciously write down the number of each day as I post my photo.  So I am very aware that 104 days have passed!  Almost one third of the whole year!

Each day is celebrated in some way by the taking and posting of my photo.  Even if I don't particularly feel like celebrating anything.  Even if I think my photograph for that day is terribly uninspired.  Even if I feel compelled to unfavourably compare myself to the stunning work of others in the gallery.  In truth, those days are fairly frequent.  But even so, the very act of posting and sharing says that I showed up and celebrated the presence (or present) of that day in some way.  And that whatever way I did that, it was absolutely enough.  This idea of 'enoughness' does seem to be continually showing up for me.  

Last month I said I was going to explore patterns in my CY365 gallery - looking for, as Katrina says, where I create meaning for myself.  I didn't quite get to it in March, but I did find time this month. I went quickly through my photos and noted words which described images I was drawn to. Then I highlighted words which particularly resonated with me.

colours , sharp, clear, form, repetition, light, dark, shapes, simple, detail, macro, angle, perspective, lines, circles - 

These words show me I am drawn to searching for magic in simple things, in simple ways.  By looking from different angles and perspectives.  By playing with different light sources.  The simplicity of shapes captivate me, particularly when I see repeating patterns, circles, and lines.  Those simple things that are in front of me each day.  Crawling around a dandelion flower for 30 minutes, reveling in the stunning beauty of this plant most label unwanted.  Looking up at the startling vividness of a blue sky in summer, and wondering how I can convey the very essence of that blue.  By taking my phone with me when I run, so I can capture the glow of a grass stem in the soft morning light.  The simple things that are always there.   am drawn to the detail.  I want to see the tiny elements.  Tiny not only in size, but tiny in terms of the things we might easily overlook because they are so familiar to us - we step on them or we just don't see them anymore.

So what does it teach me right now?

It teaches me that I see the world in a way that is uniquely mine.  That I am drawn to particular things because they are what makes my heart sing right now. They are what I see as expressions of beauty. And for me, those things at this time are very simple.  They are to do with light, and colour, and form, and shape. It teaches me that even though there are times when I want more, am impatient to do more, to be more, and to know more; where I am right now is okay.  Yes, there are many many more things I want to learn, techniques to try, light to see, and compositions to create.  And I will.  But where I am right now, doing what I am doing, is okay.  And in fact it's more than okay.  It's perfect.  Committing to showing up each day with my photo.  That is absolutely enough.