Weeks 40-41

Such a sad couple of weeks ...but still beauty and love to be celebrated in all the small places ...

Week 40 Always a miracle to be seen

Week 41 - In memory of Jesse Summers - Jesse taught us about the greatness to be found in humility.  She taught us about the impact to be found in quiet gentleness, and that one of the greatest gifts we can possess is that of kindness.  Above all else, Jesse was gentle, and she was kind.  She taught us that each moment is precious and a gift, and that whatever our troubles are, they are small in comparison to someone else’s.

Our time with Jesse may have been short, but it was full to the brim with great gifts.  and now as we feel her loss deeply, we also wrap ourselves in how blessed we were to have had Jesse in our lives.  We still call her our Jesse.   Moe mai ra Jesse.