2016 ... what do i really need ...

As you can tell from my posts last year, once I shifted to a new country and a new job the time I had available for my creative work became severely depleted, and although I persevered and completed my 365 it was in those last few months a struggle.  But more than it being a struggle, I was not getting out of it what I wanted and needed to creatively.  Taking an image a day for me was initially about crafting my eye. Learning new techniques. Challenging myself to see the world around me in new ways.  But in those later months it was, more often than not, none of those things.  So I decided 2016 needed a different approach.  

2016 will be the 52 week challenge.  For each week in 2016 I will choose a theme and take a selection of photos based on that theme. The theme will also be aligned to a competition - for example via the iphonephotography school or EyeEm - and I will enter at least one shot into the competition.   If I can't find a competition, then I will still select a theme and post at least one shot to EyeEm, Instagram (i am newbie!) or Facebook.   I have also given myself permission to use photos previously taken, preferably a newly edited version.

52 weeks of nurturing my creative radiance, my goddess energy. What can be better than that?