EyeEm Mission Success!!

One of my goals for this year was to place in an EyeEm mission.  The missions have a much wider entry pool than the Iphone Photography School, and are not only limited to mobile photography.  So a much bigger challenge for the fledgling I am!

Recently I came across the Pastel Power mission. So I entered one of the shots I had created while trying to learn how to apply texture.  Then expecting nothing much to happen, pretty much promptly forgot about it.  

So imagine my absolute surprise when I received an email from EyeEm telling me my shot had been selected as part of the top 30! Out of over 3oK shots and 10K photographers!

Here is my entry - Pastel Palms. 

Check out the other amazing shots selected here.

What does this really mean to me?  The honour of someone thinking my work is good?

Yes.  And No.  

What it really says to me is that someone else sees.  

Really sees.  

And from that I get the motivation to go beyond.  

To continue to keep rising in the early hours because that is the only time I have to work on projects. To continue to devote my weekends and any spare time to looking, seeing, writing, creating.

To continue to, no matter how difficult, learn more, experiment more, seek more.  

See more.