CY365 2017

So another year has started and thanks to a prompt from a dear friend about why don't I take a photo a day again, and me deciding, why not indeed, another CY365 is underway!  I have stuck with Katrina's CY365 - here is what I wrote on her Facebook Page:

I did CY365 in 2015, primarily as a tool to help me stay present during a difficult time in my life. It awakened a creativity in me that has transformed a range of areas in my life. In 2016 I had a break, choosing instead to create one new photo a week - whether that be a totally new shot, reedited shot or piece of digital art. This year a friend suggested I go back to shooting a photo a day ... and I thought yep I want to do that again! There are many 365 projects out there but I love this CY365 group that nurtured my creativity into being in 2015. So happy to be back!

So ... true to form I am behind in posting my images ... mainly due to it taking a while to get internet sorted in my new house (which by the way I am loving!) ... but they all have been taken every single day- mostly on prompt ...some a bit off ...  So even though we are mid-March (!) lets get start with January 2017.