Blossom Beginnings ...

Have you ever heard of having a word for your year? 

Before December 2014, I had never heard of this concept –a word you choose to be your guiding light for the year.  Somehow, and I don’t even recall how, I found myself on Susannah Conway's beautiful page, where she talked about a process of finding our divine words together.  On top of being billed as simple, useful, creative and meaningful, it was short (just five days), and free!  So I signed up!

The first email included a guided visualisation, where I was asked to see my perfect day.  I worried because I didn’t come up with my perfect day, but rather a very brief moment in time where I felt perfection.  Despite worrying that I was not doing it ‘right’, I simply did what the emails asked of me each morning– no more, no less.  And you know what - it was a process I enjoyed immensely.  Being required to have faith.  To trust. There was also a wonderfully supportive facebook group where people talked about, shared, and asked for advice about their word. 

In the end my word actually came relatively easily to me.  Although I do remember at the time being a bit puzzled as to where it actually came from, because it wasn’t on any of my original word lists.  It seemed to have simply emerged for me.  I saw other people sharing their word finds on the facebook page.  And some were adding their own artwork or mandalas.  I made some very rough doodles – marks and colours on a page really.  Delicately, but firmly, putting my own critic to the side, I did this huge thing for me – shared my word and picture with the facebook group.  This is what I wrote:

My word is BLOSSOM.  This year has been one of challenge, change, and letting go.  But within that have also been the seeds of renewal and growth.  For 2015, I felt I needed a word that was active and movement oriented, but also reflected my way of being in the world.  I need to go inward, but also need to be pushing outward as well. For me, the word blossom encompasses most of the other words I had on my list - truth, trust, faith, courage, gentle, joy, creative magic, grateful.  Blossom speaks to me of being exactly where I am meant to be, doing exactly what I am meant to be doing, and of having trust and faith in that process, even though it may make no sense to me at the time.  It speaks of beauty and the harmony of nature, and gives me a sense of being alive, supported, and connected.  It speaks to me of believing in my own goodness and beauty, and the value I bring.

And so, 2015 is dedicated to BLOSSOM.  And this website, something which would have been unimaginable to me a mere couple of months ago, is a manifestation of all those words that surround my BLOSSOM.  Trust, faith and courage.  Even though I am not really sure what has drawn me so strongly to create in this realm, at this time, I simply trust, have faith, and be brave.  And for now, that is more than enough for me.

If you want to look at finding your own word (and I would really recommend you do!), it’s not too late.  Get in touch with Susannah and she can get you started.