What my 365 is teaching me ...

My prompt for Day 54 of my Capture Your 365 project was looking forward, goals, progressing.  This was my photo for the day, and the narrative which accompanied it.

I was on the road all day today, but took some time to pull over and take this. I guess for me this shot fits the prompt perfectly - taking the time to reflect on what is behind me, while at the same time looking forward.

There are lots of things I have learned so far, but one which is prominent for me today is acceptance and gratitude for what is. Some days my photos do not turn out as I had hoped, or I learn something totally different to what I planned, or I just shoot something ..anything ... so I have a photo for that day, or the gallery photos look so much more amazing than I could ever shoot!

Conversely, some days I get something I am really happy with. Or I am really pleased by a small technical element I learned by persevering and trying something out.

So yes, I am happy with my progress so far because it teaches me to each day honour my 365 commitment, and to accept that each day I may honour that in a different way, but whatever way I do, it is enough.  And in this small creative act, each day I am reminded, that I am enough.