April 5 2015 - A Poetry Showdown!

On April 7 I saw a post on Facebook from the wonderful Maya Stein (Ninja Poet, Writing Guide, Creative Adventuress!).  

If National Poetry Month teaches us anything, it's that there isn't anything NOT worth writing about, and that poetry is more of a state of heart than a state of mind ... I throw down a challenge: If you were to write a poem titled "April 5, 2015," what would your poem be? Are you willing to share it - or have me share it for you?

She quoted Greg Kosmicki:

I don’t know why I write poems, nor can I explain why poetry is important to me in any way that doesn’t sound corny or cliched. I don’t understand why anyone would want to write poems when they could learn a useful trade instead, and I don’t understand what people mean by ‘The Writing Process’. Since 1975 I have written what seems like poems so that’s what I call them. Furthermore, I don’t understand why poetry does what it does.

For some reason, this wholly resonated with me, so I sent a piece of my heart to Maya, and it was a great honour for me to have her post it on her website.  

You can check it (and other's contributions) out here, or read it below. 

Passing behind our Earth

For that brief moment, changing all that we know.  All that we expect when gazes turn to the heavens. 

But perfectly aligned, they,

The sun, the moon, the earth

Fulfill their ordinance of blood red.

So too my own veil casts a shadow.  

Today on this day, questioning when that dim light will pass?

And to where might it go?

And what is expected when it passes?

By myself or by others?


A deep knowing.

When words on a page cry,

Silent screams. 

To be heard.  

To be seen.

To exist.

In Words. Colours. Textures. Moments.


The word upon a page. Just as it is. The alignment of My sun. My moon. My earth.