Creative Radiance

A place of peace, of calm, of solitude which feeds my soul. Turning inward.  

But which through the act of sharing radiates outwards.  

A place where I greet everyone with a smile from the heart.

A place where I am free.

Absolutely free.

A place where I am present.

Absolutely present.

A place where time is still. Yet moves on into infinity.

A place where there is nothing but contentment. Even in the midst of difficulty.  Contentment in what is, right here, right now.

The creative.  The resting place of freedom as I am.  In all my forms. Where that is enough.

The radiance. That which is shared with the world. Bouncing back to fuel the tank again. That which emanates from a place of freedom and wisdom. Unjudged.  Just as it is. As it exists.

That which sends a message to my world. I am enough. You are enough.  We have all we need.

Creative radiance. That place I exist. Sometimes fleetingly. If only for a second. But one which brings great peace. Contentment.  Place. Connection.

My Creative Radiance. That is me.