does this mean

I am by nature, what might be called an observer.  I am quiet, and have never really excelled in the art of making small talk, although I can if I have to.  I am shy, and am more than likely uncomfortable when I find myself the centre of attention.  I prefer the familiarity of a few close friends, as opposed to a lot of casual acquaintances. 

The girl with a 1000 friends on facebook - she will not be me.

But to describe myself as an observer?  That sits uneasily with me.  Shouldn't we aspire to be the participators?  The doers?  Those who are in the middle of it all? 


It's a word that conjures up visions of bystanders; onlookers in the shadows. 

What is our value? 

What do we, those who describe ourselves within the realms of those who observe, offer to the world?

In thinking about this, I find myself seeing the observer as a witness.  And it is in that clarification that I am able to come to my own understanding of myself as an observer. 

I seek to bear witness in order to affirm the truth and authenticity of my own experiences.  From this vantage, I can understand that I encounter meaning in the detail.  Reflected in all that I am, and all that I do, from the complex to the mundane, it is the detail that I am attracted to.  It is to the fine points, often overlooked or deemed unimportant by others, that I am drawn.  It is by examining the fine detail that I gain the most learning.  It is from the detail, that I make sense of, and fully appreciate something bigger.  The details lead me to examine what I take for granted, and what is most precious to me.

So yes, I can comfortably occupy my role as an observer; the one who bears witness. 

Does this mean I do not participate? 

Yes, I am often artlessly shy.  Does this signify courage is lacking? 

Yes, I am quiet. Does this signify I have nothing to say?

I feel uncomfortable being the centre of attention.  Does this reveal a desire to be unseen? 

Being an observer means paying attention to the beauty and learning that I see in the detail;   a witness to the truth and authenticity of my own experience.